History of Lawhead

Lawhead was an old estate in the Pentland Hills, just inside Lanarkshire, originally called "Torbreks", which is how the nearby village of Tarbrax came by its name. Early records suggest the area was dominated by the Lockharts and Sommervilles, who came with the Norman invasion. We found some 'green glaze' pottery in the field to the south, dating (we are told) from the 13th or 14th century.

An early photograph, possibly from the 1920s:

History of Lawhead House:

George Lockhart of Tarbrax, from 1652

William Lockhart of Tarbrax

Anne Lockhart, Countess of Aberdeen, from 1683

William, Thomas, and Adam Somerville, portioners 1726 to 1819

Norman Lockhart, owner 1819 to 1855

David Souter Robertson, owner 1855 to 1874, house rebuilt

Education Authourity of the County of Lanark, owner 1921 to 1937

Gilbert Robertson Mair, owner 1937 to 1953

Robert Thomson, owner 1953 to 1964

Thomas Thomson, owner 1964 to 1973

Before 1860

After 1860